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After living in the same place since he was born, Gonzalo, a 9-year-old boy, is forced to move out of home...

a short film by Bastián Pascal

Alive and kicking

2012-06-14 19:37:08 by SkoolCool

Long time no see, kidos!

Don't hate me coz I love ya. And I also love YouTube, so I'll be opening a second channel soon, like the ones the COOL GUYZ have, where they upload vlogs and stuff like that. So you better suscribe like right now to the original channel (if you haven't yet) so you'll know when they new one is out. And go watch the cutsie "Avocado Injection" videos. They all have english subtitles. I subtitled them just for YOU. BECOS I LOVE YOU. WANT AN EXAMPLE? AND THERE'S EVEN ONE IN ENGLISH WTF

Excuse my enthusiasm, but I'm very excited. Why? Because I finished goddamn high-school, so once again I'll be a productive chap like in the good old days (2008 and 09 *sigh*).


asdfmovie2 and Salsaventuras

2010-01-26 19:30:21 by SkoolCool

January is coming to an end so I thought I may tell you NewGrounders what I have been doing recently. LIKE YOU CARE :,C

Asdfmovie was a flash movie directed by TomSka and animated by GlassCake that won Daily1st, Weekly 3rd and FrontPage a year ago.
Now, TomSka decided to make a sequel, but this time using the famous EddsWorld as animator.
Now why am I telling you all this? Cause, after winning a competition, TomSka putted a flash clip I animated at the end of the movie. Magic!
So now I, kind of, have worked on a really funny and popular flash movie, that have received over a million and a half visits. For some reasons I don't know, Asdfmovie2 wasn't submitted to NewGrounds, so you can only watch it on tha YouTube.


laSALSA, crew of latin animators of which I'm proud co-founder, have now aired a brand new series: SALSAVENTURAS
This first episode was animated by Jectoons (best known for "Weird Al's Lasagna") and I voice acted of myself on it! It won a Daily 4th, if you need any more reasons to watch it.
New episodes are coming soon, so be prepared O:

Other stuff
>Mah face appeared on "The Faces Of Newgrounds" by AlmightyHans guy. I had already posted my face here before, but ehhh now it's on a flash movie. That's on frontpage. So yeah, that.
>Also working on another collab, with a lot of weird peeps I'm too lazy to mention.

Ok, that's it. You're free now.

asdfmovie2 and Salsaventuras


2009-12-23 21:27:08 by SkoolCool

I wrote a really long journal about all the stuff I made during 2008 for my DeviantART, but since no one here cares about that I decided to just post a really simple HAPPY HOLLYDAYS thing here:


nuggets now plis


So I got a Daily 4th...

2009-10-15 22:42:21 by SkoolCool
Updated two weeks ago, HA! Go watch it if you didn't before.

Also, Artistincompre (Lisamoya) got a Daily 3th and weekly 13th with her movie "Verde". It's worth the watch really.

This two movies are the first one's from a new crew of animators here in NewGrounds. But this is not a regular crew, this is the ONLY crew of LATIN animators on whole NewGrounds (I hope none of you is a racist bitch, hater of foreign people).
This new crew is called laSALSA, and we're 5 members: Me, Artistincompre, L3pra (of "Midnight Madness", winner of some prize at the Madness Day 2008), JectCartoon (of "The Love TV Ad" (Daily 3th) and "Climber" (Frontpaged) ), and last but not least, Johao (this guy had have a ton of accounts here on NG and some trophies on them, but lacks currently of a real account :C yet, his stick animations are outstanding, you should watch em on his deviantart account).

We are just starting this crew, but starting with two award winning movies is a nice start right? Anyway, hope you like our stuff and we'll keep submitting films soon.

In other news...
I joined AlmightHans' "Faces of NewGrounds" collab. I'll ruin the surprise by posting my face here. I'm beautiful huh?

So I got a Daily 4th...

New movie, Capitan Antitabaco cause smoking can give you cancer and cancer is not fun. Well, it is, but not when you have it.


Flash and stuff
- So yeah, I joined Oryozema's collab. It's the usual stuff: a song, a ton of artists, everyone animates around 10 seconds of the song, and it's done. It's the second collab I ever participate on, so it's interesting stuff. Plus, some popular artists like DarkShadow8181 are joining too, so it will work very well as publicity to myself, haha. Deadline is October 1st, so I'll have to work like crazy to finish it on time. Daaamn. Oh, right, Artistincompre is on the collab too.
- Finnally finished, you guyz can now enjoy Capitan Antitabaco here on NG! Go vote 5, it would be awsom if I get to win a new award.
- With Capitan Antibaco by Me, and Verde by Artistincompre (soon on NG), laSALSA is now real! Sindicato de Animadores Latinos S.A. laSALSA is the only crew of latin animators on NewGrounds. We'll be releasing collaborative projects as well as solo movies, all of them in spanish (subtitled to english of course) and we promise to become a BOOM on the internet. Me, SkoolCool and Artistincompre are the leaders and founders of this crew, and we work together with three other amazing members: L3pra, Johcaos and JectCartoon.
Love us.

Real life and stuff
- My new school is quite cool. People is quite friendly here and I've show em my animations. Needless to say they've love em ;D
- Not sure if like you guys knew, but LittelDeadQueen was my girlfriend. I say was, cause she no longer is, haha. Anyway, she's quite a great artist so you may wanna check her gallery out. I'M A FREE MAN NOW LADIES, COME AND LOVE MEEE.
- For anyone that noticed, I was out off DeviantART for a week like a week ago. That's cause I was traveling to DINEYWORRRRLD. Man, that place rocks, my inner child is so happy right now. Shame ther's no Disneyworld at México. That would be so silly C:
- Exams are coming in two weeks, that means less me for you. But'll came back soon with more MAGIC!

Hm, jumping cactus.

My little sister likes to smoke


2009-09-26 20:25:07 by SkoolCool


I'm giving easy money

2009-07-03 14:12:22 by SkoolCool

Read the whole post 100 times and I'll give you a dollar.

Keyboard being sucky
I accidentally dropped a Yakult (delicious beverage) on my keyboard the other day, so now the buttons H and J doesn't work correctly. I ave to click it like 10 times to make it write just once. It sucks, so I apologize in advantage if I write incorrectly some times on my responses to you or whatever.

We want flash!
And you'll have it soon, I promise. I couldn't work on it last two weeks because of finals and school projects, but now that I'm on sexy vacations I'll finish it real soon.

Voice acting you say?
Yup. I wanna voice act, in both spanish and or english, so contact me if you need some voices or sumthin. I may do a Voice Reel at some point, it sounds like fun to me!

Sindicato de Animadores Latinos S.A.
In other words: laSALSA. It's a crew of latin animators, the first one in whole NewGrounds, and I'm on it so it rocks. Details later, I'm lazy to write now:


I'm giving easy money

It's June already?!

2009-06-13 15:03:22 by SkoolCool

Damn it, this year has been going too quick hasn't it? Anyway, gotta report the news, been almost a months since my last post.

Projects in development buds
Well, as it always happens to me, after finishing a big flash movie I always rest of Flash for some weeks, so I haven't made much. A shame. BUT I do have some things going on in my schedule or whatever:
- I made some voices for a future movie by L3pra but I'm not even sure for what movie it is, or if he is still working on it. Hoh
- JectCartoon and I had been planning a big major awesome flash project for some time now, and I believe it's gonna be great. I can't give you any detail at all or Ject will kill me and I don't want that actually, so we'll have to wait and see.
- And now, the real flash project I have planned. Just as my animation Tecnology, Education and You I was asked for another flash film for school. But, this one is not going to be as suckier as my last one, because this one have an actual storyline and like one minute long of actual animation, so it can be considered as an actual movie of mine (mmm actual). Right now I have the recording done, with some nice fitting background music (I was asked a lot for background music in the 9 Months Later reviews) and with all voices done by myself, again (there aren't many spanish voice actors around). I was asked to finish it for June 19th, so you won't have to wait much for it.

Sindicato de Animadores Latinos S.A...what could this be? Oh god, suspense is killing me.

LazyMuffin is 18 and is being drafted to the army
We all should go and squish him real hard before he is oh so gone ;(


It's June already?!

9 Months Later, Daily 5th winner

2009-05-07 15:55:53 by SkoolCool

Helloooo there people! Just as Aunt Jemima promised on my last post, I got a trophie now, so this post will be shown on Front Page. Happy times.

9 Months Later
My most recent flash submission, a short movie about how Baby Fulp was born, gave me a beautiful Daily 5th. Actually I was expecting to get something better, but then Eddache came with his Sonic parody and this other guy submitted a Pokemon parody. It's always fault of the parodies.
I still don't know what my next movie will be about, but I'm sure I'll make it about something original, withouth copyrighted characters or NG celebrities. Will see.

I appeared on TV the other day, but it is in spanish. Check it out anyways (I'm the younger guy on the clip (no, not the fat guy)) Click here

I got banned of reviews for 3 days because my review to One More Brawl Taunts.

The moderator 36Holla gave the following reason for the ban:
"Saying the submission should have been blammed."

Lol, I didn't new I could get banned for something like that. Now I can't review the Brawl Funnies telling them I want their babies. What a shame.

Duh I think that's all. Maybe making a frontpage post just for telling you pretty much nothing is a bit dumb, but I'm doing it anyway.


9 Months Later, Daily 5th winner